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Staff and structure : The staff of Cultural Affairs Bureau includes one head, one secretary plus director of art distribution division, one director of library division, one director of visual art division, one director of performance art division, one director of administration division, four division members, four office workers, two clerks, one editor, one technician, four contract workers, six employed workers, plus drivers, mechanics, fellow workers, and provisionary workers make a total of forty-five staff members. Work is sorted and subordinated according to distinct business into five divisions of library, visual art, performance art, art distribution, and administration, and Accounting Office.

Organization Chart

1. Library and Information Division :
(1) Collecting, arranging, and preserving books and information of all kinds, and establishing particular book sections of local histories, as well as publishing works of native writers in order to conserve the local archives.
(2) Providing service such as borrowing books, reading periodicals and children's books, movie watching, and book exhibition, etc.
(3) Providing counsel and joining the inter-library system.
(4) Holding speeches, book exhibitions, contests, visits etc. along with Library Week.
(5) Assisting public libraries subordinated to the county to expand their business and providing on-line connection. In addition to assist the other public libraries by visiting them from time to time, we also hold activities such as study groups for practical learning and speeches, etc.
(6) Bringing the charm of books into every corner of the county by holding a series of activities on audio-visual instruction and a circuit exhibits deep into the countryside.

2. Division of Visual Arts :
(1) Holding art exhibition and promoting artistic activities so as to enrich the spirit and enhance the capability to appreciate works of art of residents.
(2) Collecting and establishing the archives of individual artists and artistic groups, and assisting their performances or exhibitions as well as distributing art education and providing counsel.
(3) Collecting, documenting, maintaining, conserving, and surveying folk artifacts so as to sufficiently preserve the cultural properties of PengHu County .
(4) Holding thematic exhibition by assimilating local features to highlight the characteristics of rural life and to incite residents' identification with local culture.
(5). Establishing The Ocean Resources Museum so as to hold exhibition of ocean culture and promote local education on ocean in the hope of elaborating the particularity of ocean culture.
(6) Reusing the historical buildings and establishing PengHu Reclamation Hall so as to display the historical archives of PengHu systematically and put local education into work as well as to provide an area for culture-oriented recreation and tour.
(7) Surveying, documenting, filing, and reusing the historical buildings so as to preserve the precious cultural properties of PengHu County .
(8) Setting up observatories and promoting astronomical education so as to enhance the astronomical knowledge of common people.
(9) Editing and publishing special issues on art, historical artifacts and buildings, as well as collecting cultural materials systematically for people to appreciate and explore.
(10) Building Nuclear Hall of PengHu Life Museum in collaboration with local museums in order to establish PengHu cultural properties center and promote preservation of cultural properties as well as to train local personnel for cultural development.

3. Performance Art Division:
(1) Setting up a performance venue and taking charge of its business and arrangement
(2) Proposing and promoting performance art such as music, dance, and drama
(3) Assisting artistic activities of art centers subordinated to the county
(4) Assisting and supporting groups of performance art
(5) Cultivating groups of performance art
(6) Gathering, arranging, preserving, and developing folk acrobatics
(7) Holding contests and study groups for performance art
(8) Bringing circuit tours of performance art into schools and countryside

4. Art Distribution Division:
(1) Distributing folk literature - BauGe, so as to animate and preserve cultural properties
(2) Holding cultural activities and contests
(3) Holding cultural speeches and study so as to expand life perspective of residents
(4) Holding artistic activities in collaboration with Council for Cultural Affairs under Executive Yuan
(5) Training volunteers for culture service and setting up a system for training and organizing.
(6) Holding activities for families.
(7) Providing people with information of artistic activities and publishing propaganda.
(8) Integrating the artistic activities of local communities
(9) Putting Communities Union Campaign into action
(10) Investigating artistic properties and collecting important historic materials so as to provide people with satisfactory information and preserve cultural archives.

5. Administration Division:
(1) General Administration: purchasing, repair, management of buildings and halls, maintenance, car management, property registration, financial affairs, etc.
(2) Paper Work: Receiving and sending announcements, proofreading, supervising works of printing, files management, chops safekeeping.
Penghu Reclamation Hall(另開視窗)

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